Sunday, May 04, 2008

Opening Soon!

There are two kinds of reno jobs:

1. You take your time. You feed the workers. You put in a good day's work, go home, get some rest, come back refreshed. You step back and cheers a job well done.

2. You run two rollers at a time over the floors and ceiling. You starve your workers, running in with occasional deliveries of pizza, doughnuts, and threats of non-payment if the job isn't done NOW! NOW! NOW! Worse, you show the place before the paint has dried and the phone is working.

Because you're #1 in my books, Seen Reading will be shut down this week, to open its doors, fresh and functional, Monday, May 12. You'll also learn a little bit more about me and my projects, ongoing and future.

If you haven't already, please update your booksmarks to

See you soon!


Karen said...

Looking forward to the unveiling of the new site. I missed your posts this last week!


Julie Wilson said...

Thanks Karen! Not much longer...